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The human element as key resource of our business

At Caffè Haiti Roma we consider the “human element” a key factor for the success of our business activity regarding the production and supply of high-quality coffee blends. The extensive experience and know-how we have developed in the field of coffee-roasting over the past fifty years are a precious “corporate heritage” that we cherish and protect with greatest care.


A shared philosophy
The philosophy of “Mister Espresso Quality” that labels our roastery, i.e. an intensive, ongoing pursuit of excellence in all fthe ields of our business activity, may be achieved only through the involvement and enhancement of all human resources working in the business, and especially sharing all those common values that represent the real strength of our organization.


Good relationships as a value
Correct and transparent conduct in our relationships with all suppliers and clients: this is our corporate code of ethics. From the executives to the storekeepers responsible for the green coffees, from the “roastery masters” to our delivery personnel, from our administrative staff to the sales staff, we all have our shared goal clear in mind and want to reach it together: excellent products, services and relationships with suppliers and clients.