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We've always been at the side of “espresso professionals”

Ever since it was born, our Company has made a clear decision, i.e. to offer high-quality espresso blends, and to produce the same only for coffee bars. This allowed us to concentrate our resources and commitment to offer the best quality possible in this business segment.


An essential partner
Coffee bars are at the core of our business activities, and the “bartender” represents an essential partner for our Company. His technical ability, his “hand” as we say, plays an irreplaceable role to reach our most important goal: a truly excellent espresso coffee, the realization of our “delight in the cup”. To reach this common goal, Caffè Haiti Roma has always stood at the side of  “espresso professionals” providing any support and assistance required.


Coffee bars today
Today, bars have a highly diversified customers, with different needs and in continuing evolution. The customers certainly appreciate a good-tasting coffee, a polite barman and a beautiful bar, but they are more and more attentive towards products connected with new tendencies. Therefore, our Company offers not only its excellent traditional coffee blends, but also various new products (such as ginseng coffee or the special blend we have named “good-mood-coffee”) to cater for the latest requirements and life styles.

We also provide our contribution to creating a pleasant atmosphere in the coffee bars, thanks to many specially designed and developed items. The “Haiti Art” collector’s cups, trays, big wall clocks or mugs are just some of the many innovative ideas we propose for making the atmosphere in the bar more attractive.