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Payment procedure
Caffè Haiti Roma offers one form of payment: credit card.
With credit card payment, customers will simply enter the information in the appropriate spaces provided for by the Banca Sella Virtual POS system.
Please make sure that the information entered (card number, expiration date) are current: payments will not be accepted in case of information mismatch.
Credit card payment system
Our products may be purchased via the Banca Sella Virtual POS, that enables online payments with VISA or MasterCard.
The system verifies and certifies the authenticity of the card and the integrity and unchangeability of the information sent to the merchant, which is also identified with certainty before a request for authorisation is sent to the card issuer system (VISA or Mastercard) in the same way as for shop POS systems.
Security guarantee
The transaction recording process is guaranteed by a programme resident on the server of the bank, that channels authorisation requests and takes charge of the proper follow-up, releasing a preventive authorisation and making subsequent cross-checks with the payment transaction.
The servers where sensitive information are stored are located at the offices of Banca Sella at Via Italia 2 - 13900 Biella. This purchase system allows to make secure payments on the Internet: all the information sent are SSL3 encrypted with Triple Des 128 bit algorithm. Due to the peculiar configuration of the system, no-one learns the details of your credit card because these are unencrypted by Banca Sella only when it receives the request for authorisation by the credit card company. Therefore your purchases are absolutely secure.
Requests for invoice
If you wish to receive an invoice for the products ordered please request it upon ordering by filling in the specific spaces. Requests submitted after an order is placed will not be considered.