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Legal Notices


Terms for access to this website: all the information, logos, artwork, sound, visuals, trademark and anything else published and/or reproduced in this website are the property of (or licensed by third parties to) Caffè Haiti Roma S.r.L. Reproduction of website contents is authorised only by written authorisation of Caffè Haiti Roma S.r.L.
Any unauthorised change, copy, reproduction, distribution, transmission or diffusion of the contents of this website is prohibited. In particular, it is prohibited to copy the software programmes that operates this site, develop similar software programmes, reverse-engineer and/or use the source code of these programmes.
Caffè Haiti Roma S.r.L. does not guarantee that the information contained in this website are always updated and may not be held liable for any damages, including computer viruses attacks to visitor devices as a consequence of the access to and/or connection with this website or of the download of its contents. The links contained in this site may guide visitors to pages hosted in other websites. In such case, Caffè Haiti Roma S.r.L. does not take any liability with respect to the contents published in those websites and on any third-party use of them regards to possible damages caused or engendered by the access to or connection with those websites or by the download of their contents.
All personal information sent to the Caffè Haiti Roma S.r.L. website will be treated in accordance with the privacy code. Any non-personal information disclosed to Caffè Haiti Roma S.r.L. through this website (including suggestions, ideas, drawings, projects, etc..) will vest Caffé Haiti with the exclusive, unlimited and irrevocable right to use, reproduce, show, implement, change, transmit and distribute such non-personal information. The disclosure of these information will automatically imply their assignment free of charge, on an exclusive basis and with the fullest rights and authorities, to Caffè Haiti Roma S.r.L. This website is governed by the laws in force in the territory of the Italian Republic.