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An espresso coffee that makes tasting a unique experience

Espresso coffee, its magic, a symbol of simple elegance and intense pleasure, of violent passion, of a whole world made of rich elegance, radiance, vitality, traditions updated and adapted to the rhythm of contemporary requirements. Espresso coffee is a beverage tied to the mystery of transformation, fashioned by heat and water, a symbol of what we could call Italian lifestyle.


An all-Italian creation
Espresso is appreciated throughout the world and seen as a legitimate child of Italian life culture – a way of life that still allows you to indulge in the intensive pleasure of one single moment, when we decide to treat ourselves
to a break from our everyday routine and troubles. This is why espresso is considered to be a real symbol of products “made in Italy”, and as such it contributes to enhance Italy’s style and image in the world.


Caffè Haiti Roma. Real Italian Espresso
Real espresso coffee, meaning the one served in coffee bars, has always been at the heart of our business. Sipping a small cup of Haiti Roma espresso is a sort of rite, to which all of your senses are invited. Our constant commitment in search of quality and the high performance achieved by our blends have helped building the renown of Caffè Haiti Roma among the professionals of real “made in Italy” espresso – both in Italy and abroad. Our “delight in the cup” is a perfect balance of precious aromas, it is the result of many years of experience and passion for an espresso that is a real surprise for all senses.