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Terms of sale

Prices and availability
The prices and availability stated in the catalogue are to be intended unless running out of stock and are subject to change without notice. When you submit an order form you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming the order you placed. That e-mail has the only purpose of informing that the order was received. However, it may happen that certain offers or items have run out of stock in the meantime or have changed their features or price. In this case we reserve to contact you as soon as possible to cancel the order (without any penalty for neither party) and propose an alternative product or price where possible. To this end Caffè Haiti Roma reserves the right to change the terms of sale anytime. The terms will be effective from the moment of their publishing in the website and will refer solely to the sales made from that moment on. All prices are VAT included. The sales slip is issued upon shipping and includes shipping charges; if you have a VAT number please state it in your order, you will receive an invoice. In no event we will issue an invoice after the products have shipped. The images displayed are merely suggestive and might be significantly different from the product actually available.
Special offers and complimentary items
Offers, discounts or complimentary items cannot be cumulated. Special offers are subject to availability and might come in promotional packagings (boxes, manuals, etc.) Complimentary items may not be replaced in any case. No product assistance is provided on complimentary items.
Right of withdrawal
Unsatisfied consumers may return the product and obtain its replacement or the refund of the price paid except shipping charges only (on both delivery and return) (Law no. 50/1992) by notifying such intention by registered letter within 10 days from receiving the goods. The notice may also be sent by facsimile, provided that the decision to withdraw is confirmed by registered letter return receipt requested within the next 48 hours. The registered letter must contain a copy of our sales slip and/or invoice. In accordance with art. 5, 3 of the above-referred Legislative Decree, the right of withdrawal does not apply to purchases for amounts below € 26. The right of withdrawal also does not apply to customers who purchase for purposes related to their business (i.e. as capital equipment, for re-sale, etc.) and who therefore have stated their VAT number. The goods are not delivered for pre-testing. Refunds are made in the shortest term possible according to the law, however within 30 days from the receipt of the returned goods.
In case of controversy the sole authority having jurisdiction will be the Courts of Rome.