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The pleasure of real, high-quality coffee in your own four walls

Our knowledge in the field of bar espresso here at Caffè Haiti Roma has also encompassed the world of home coffee blends. Taste for tradition, search for quality, product innovation, encourage us to offer the best possible coffee blends for home coffee making too. In our homes, with our blends of coffee, ground, in beans or in capsules, we may revive the tradition of small gestures, the pleasure of moments when we get hold again of a dimension we feel as ours.

Ground coffee
Our care for the taste of the many “moka” lovers led us to improve our range of 250 gr. ground coffee blends: “Traditional Moka, a delicately unique blend in fragrance and aroma, and “Romae”, the blend dedicated to our town, all the fascination of Rome in the secret of a velvety blend.  Buy >

Organic coffee
Our “Bio” is a blend of the best coffees from organic cultivation. 100% Organic and 100% Arabica of the highest quality. Low caffeine contents in a perfect balance of taste and aroma that will allow you to appreciate in the best way the natural characteristics of organic coffee.  Buy >

Bean coffee
Slow processing. Enduring pleasure. A very careful selection of green coffees and slow roasting are the main factors that contribute to the success of our bean coffee blends, Azeglio, Gran Riserva decaffeinated, Golden Class, all guaranteed by our brand that has become a synonym of quality along the years.  Buy >

Coffee pods

Even if you are not in a bar, Caffè Haiti Roma grants your wish to taste a quality espresso fast and easy. Our "Minuto" single-dose capsule couples tradition and technology. Three simple gestures for a dream come true: the pleasure of Haiti Roma espresso coffee at your home or office. Buy >