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For an espresso coffee passing every test

The Company “Caffè Haiti Roma” was born in Rome in 1950, when Azeglio Martella, our very own “Mister Espresso”, began his long voyage through the world of superior quality coffee. His various blends soon became a point of reference for Rome’s innumerable coffee bars.


“Mister Espresso” Quality

“A delight in your cup”, an espresso to make coffee tasting in the “bar” a unique experience: this is the mission that has accompanied our roastery since its very beginnings. Azeglio Martella’s untiring efforts to make his idea of excellent espresso coffee come true became a real corporate philosophy to us over time and an effective working method to achieve that special quality of our blends: Mister Espresso Quality.


Keepers of a unique experience
In the heart of Caffè Haiti Roma you will always find the passion for espresso coffee beating, today as well as sixty years ago, and we cherish the philosophy of excellence developed by Azeglio Martella, the secret of “Mister Espresso Quality”, like a precious heritage. We want to remain faithful to our origins and therefore still produce our coffee blends with exclusively artisanal methods. This is the reason why our roastery today is among the leading historic trademarks in the market of espresso coffee in the Eternal City and its surrounding region; what’s more, the rest of Europe is also beginning to appreciate our blends.