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A complete range of high-quality espresso blends

It’s the attention towards each single element and the passion for espresso coffee that day by day lead to the true excellence of our coffee blends. All of them are distinguished by an unmistakable aroma profile and patiently processed until they are ready to take off towards the last leg of an extraordinary transformation process; a long trip through the world of taste and flavour, from faraway coffee plantations to our delight in the cup: a perfect Caffè Espresso Haiti Roma to be enjoyed at the bar.


We put our heart into it
The Caffè Haiti Roma blends are the result of artisanal tradition and passion. The famous “Haiti roasting” is achieved through methods passed down through generations, and it is the real secret of our success. To us, “artisanal method” means superior control over all phases of the production process. “Artisanal quality” means ensuring that our clients receive freshly roasted espresso coffee blends – in the best possible conditions to be appreciated by the lovers of real espresso coffee.


Created for coffee bars
To all “espresso professionals”, Caffè Haiti Roma proposes different espresso blends developed specifically for coffee bars: Gran Riserva, Golden Class, Maxiaroma and Pridom, all guaranteed by Haiti Roma Quality. Our quality is reached thanks to that special “artisanal roasting”, which we have developed over many years of work and research.

  • Gran Caffè Golden Class

    Haiti Roma quality and artisan tradition, find a perfect expression in this Blend. Golden Class is the espresso with a delicate taste, rich in fragrance it always guarantees an excellent result in the coffee cup.

  • Gran Riserva

    Our long experience in the field of coffee roasting, combined with the great Italian tradition of espresso coffee, resulted in the quality of this extraordinary blend. “Gran Riserva” Haiti Roma is a top notch blend with a sweet and intensive taste, rich in pleasant sensorial nuances and obtained through a careful selection and roasting of quality coffees. The whole process is guaranteed by our roastery's passion for espresso.
    At the “2008 International Coffee Tasting”, this blend was awarded the highest recognition, the prestigious “Gold Medal”.

  • Miscela Maxiaroma

    This is a valuable blend of extra-fine coffees that has been created by the experience and by our artisan tradition. Each cup of this coffee represents a delicious moment spent at the bar.

  • Pridom

    This bar blend does not disappoint the expectations of those who wish to try our more reasonably priced products. The reliability of the performance of this blend, if used with the correct doses, guarantee a correct success in your activity.