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A point of reference for the bars of the Eternal City since 1950

Mister Espresso is the little man beside the Caffè Haiti Roma logo, and it stands for our artisanal approach to the business, which has always distinguished our roastery. It is also an expression of that sympathy and friendliness implied in the tasting rite, of those values linked to coffee tradition that we consider paramount.


Birth of a legend
The legend of “Mister Espresso” was born in the 1950s, when the mythical founder of our roastery, Azeglio Martella, began his voyage in the world of coffee. It was his determination, the passion he put in the processing of his special blends, mixed with the quality he managed to achieve thanks to his whole-hearted commitment, that earned him the friendly nickname “Mister Espresso”.


A logo inspiring sympathy
This is also how the “Mister Espresso” logo of Caffè Haiti Roma came to be; it expresses this whole world called “espresso”, a signature – so to speak – ensuring the “Azeglio quality”. It aims at visualizing a corporate philosophy that has always believed in and relied on artisanal craftsmanship. We believe in a production method forged by tradition, where the experience of the master roaster still plays a paramount role, since it is he who puts together various elements with greatest care and supervises the various production stages so that the blends created are truly unique.