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A great coffee based on the tradition of Italian roastery masters

Around this idea of a perfect “espresso” we have created a whole production process, developed and refined by many years of experience and passionate research – an exclusive system, where the combination between rules passed down through various generations and a careful direction of every single processing phase enables us to keep our high quality standard, the basis of our success.


Selection of high-quality green coffee
The attentive selection of the green coffees is the first, essential step in view of achieving that perfect Caffè Espresso Haiti Roma. As a matter of fact, our Company has always chosen coffee from selected areas, importing them from their countries of origin. This decision in favour of quality ensures – season after season – a coffee with organoleptic properties that remain essentially consistent over time.


Perfect roasting
Our continuous research and attention to keep our high quality standards find its maximum application in that process where the selected green coffees are transformed into something that is even more precious. The various coffee types are initially roasted individually and then carefully blended through a process providing maximum enhancement of their organoleptic properties and quality. It is a unique process, made possible by those “artisanal skills and craftsmanship” that only a vast experience in the production and tasting of coffee may ensure.