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World Fairtrade Challenge

Also this year, being at its fourth edition, Caffè Haiti Roma will support and join the Fairtrade initiative dedicated to making citizens and consumers aware of the importance of fairly pay raw materials such as coffee, cocoa, fresh fruit, tea and sugar, grown with dedication by farmers from the developing countries.


"It makes us glad to see that Caffè Haiti Roma is taking part to the World Fairtrade Challenge, to arise awareness among consumers about the Fairtrade world. Reaching a wider and wider audience and thus contributing to sustainable development for the planet and to creating a better trade, this is our main goal: making an always growing number of people know and choose Fairtrade coffee, such as Biocaffè Superior Blend, means contributing to a real economic, environmental and social sustainability", as explains Paolo Pastore, CEO at Fairtrade Italia.



Our technological revolution has significantly shortened the gap among the Countries in the world. And yet, there is a poor sense of the impact that our everyday choices have on the production chain. This campaign is a wonderful occasion for starting making conscious choices also when it comes to our most important habits, such as drinking a cup of coffee, aimed at supporting both the environmental and working ethics.



     Join us! Find the closest activities around you at www.grandesfidafairtade.it, or with the hashtag #worldfairtradechallenge, where you can taste our Bio-Fairtrade Superior Blend, and become an aware consumer!