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When drinking coffee is not only a matter of coffee

     It dates back to 25th November the news appeared on Adnkronos and later spread by Comunicaffè, according to which drinking coffee extracted from plastic or aluminium single-dose systems would consequently lead to phthalate absorption, harmful for human health. All this has emerged from a research done in cooperation with the Science Research Council by Carlo Foresta, professor of Endocrinology at the University of Padua and President at the Foresta Onlus Foundation. The research studied phthalates contained in coffee extracted from capsules, and discovered that these chemical agents can affect negatively fertility, especially that of men. In conclusion, professor Foresta stated that it is not necessary to create unnecessary alarms, because it is not still clear the threshold values beyond which these substances can be defined as harmful, but at the same time he highlighted that, although in limited quantities, drinking this type of coffee can contribute to reach, together with other factors, worrying levels.


This article is a starting point for some considerations, especially by some company, like ours, that has always done their best to offer quality products with an eye on health. This attention expresses itself in paper pods, that we have always proposed instead of capsules; and it is not only a matter of human health, considering the disposal times of those materials composing the capsule, and therefore the impact of this latter on environment.

For this reason, at Caffè Haiti Roma we have proposed since years a line of biodegradable and compostable paper pods, of traditional and organic and fairtrade coffee.


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