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Meetalia: an international project to support SMEs

     Last 20th October Caffè Haiti Roma accepted the invitation of Agro Camera to join the conference "A new way to make media trade - The future of the authentic Italian product", that was held at the Special Branch of the Rome Chamber of Commerce in Piazza Sant'Ignazio in Rome, to develope and promote wine and food system.


The aim of the Conference was to gather producers for the presentation of the project Meetalia, innovative E-Commerce platform thought to promote quality products and to support companies. Among the others,there was the participation of David Granieri President at SiCamera Roma Scpa, the Chairman of Arsial Antonio Rosati, Pietro Sandali CEO at Unaprol and Mosé Persico, influencer media man for the Canadian market.

The idea at the heart of this project, result of an agreement between SiCamera Roma Scpa and Arsial, is to provide producers with a valid instrument to tell the world their excellencies, because as already said "the world loves Italy" and "Export is the future of the authentic Italian product". It has also been reaffirmed how important is for the artisanal companies to make people taste their products, and to be present outside of Italy to make people get the real feel of the story behind each product. It is for this reason that the project also plans to open temporary shops all over the world.


At Caffè Haiti Roma, we have accepted the invitation, believing that synergy between SMEs and istitutions can bring mutual benefit. So we hope to join soon Meetalia, and wish this project good luck!