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Biocaffè Superior Blend is Golden Medal

     The edition 2015 of the International Coffee Tasting Asia has just ended, and we are proud to inform that among the winners there is also one reference signed Caffè Haiti Roma. Qualified tasters from the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC) gathered to test the coffee blends; eighty-nine references were examined, both single origin and blends, representing ten countries.

Among them there is Caffè Haiti Roma with its Biocaffè, Organic and Fairtrade refined coffee blend, that has won the Golden Medal.




This success comes some years after another edition of the International Coffee Tasting, that of 2008, where Gran Riserva, our top quality coffee from the Traditional Line, won the Medal. And now this has happened again, but this time with a special focus on Organic and Fairtrade, because wellness and ethic issue are tightly connected to quality.


After all, Biocaffè Superior Blend had already been under the spotlight with Magic Italy in Tour, the project for the valorization of wine and food excellencies, under the patronage of MIPAAF (Department for Food, Agriculture and Rural affairs) that chose our coffee blend as the only representative for its category.