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Biofach 2014: great interest for the Haiti Roma Organic line

     The 25th edition of Biofach has just  ended, this exhibition is so important that it can be considered the main meeting place in the world of Organic. This last edition has been particularly rich, because it has focused on the latest trends, such as vegan, kosher and hahal foods, in addition to the usual Organic issues. With the passing of time Organic is becoming more and more popular, the Institutions safeguard it and actively support companies that produce it for a healty lifestyle. In fact, on the occasion of Biofach many conferences took place, such as Organic 3.0 by IFOAM, or GLAMOUR by FAO, that involved fifteen different institutions, including FIRAB. All these moments had in common the focus on sustainability, family agriculture, global food and food awareness.


Since years Caffè Haiti Roma has been committed in such issues, and faces the challenges of this period by proposing high quality coffee blends, with an eye on health, ethic and environment. During Biofach, Haiti Roma coffee blends and herbal teas, all of them being 100% Organic, achieved resounding success, drawing the attention of the many visitors from the world of Organic.

Another important appointmet will be CIBUS, from 5th to 8th May in Parma.