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Caffè Haiti Roma coffee blends at the 22nd edition of Corri per la Befana

     Caffè Haiti Roma will attend the event Corri per la Befana, the famous run being at its 22nd edition that will take place on Monday 6th January in Rome, for a day in the sign of sport and solidarity. Caffè Haiti Roma will be present as official sponsor, offering the athletes its excellent coffee for a quality breakfast, and its Organic and Fairtrade ground coffee during the awards ceremony.


The event is organized by A.S.D. Roma Road Runners, and it is divided into three marathons, a 10-km competitive, and two non-competitive, of 4 km (Happy Run) and 1 km (Mini Happy Run), so that both the athletes and the common people can participate. In addition to runs, there will be many other activities of entertainment and solidarity, that will begin already from Sunday 5th January, when the zone will become pedestrian and turned into the Befana Village. One of the most important initiatives is called Let's give families a smile, a solidarity event organized by RadioRadio in cooperation with Caritas, to help families in straitened circumstances.There will also be poems and debates about the culture and history of the Roman dialect, zumba classes, a baby-sitting service and a playing area set by CSI. Furthermore, there will be a masked competition organized by the cultural association Il Padrone delle Scarpe in cooperation with A.S.D. Roma Road Runners, called I walk with the Befana, that will end with the awards ceremony of the best masks.


 For information: info@caffehaitiroma.it