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Caffè Haiti Roma in the "ideal city" of Festambiente Mondi Possibili

     First and amazing Roman edition of Festambiente Mondi Possibili, a national festival by Legambiente, interesting for the entirely zero-impact location, Circolo degli Artisti, and at the end of all the Summer events organized by National Legambiente.


A joyful and dynamic event, that actively involves Tavola Rotonda Cultural Association, Legambiente Mondi Possibili, and Circolo degli Artisti. The project is so important that Festambiente Mondi Possibili is under the patronage of the Italian National Commission of UNESCO. The event will be dedicated to Sharing in all its forms and to all the Possible and Sustainable Cities.


     For this reason Caffè Haiti Roma could have never missed it! Sponsor for the second time also of National Festambiente in Rispescia, that took place last August, and of the first Festambiente Lazio, just ended, our historical roasting company wanted to support Festambiente Mondi Possibili as well, to share the vocative choices in respect of environment, of the quality of its products andof the tradition for a better Italian espresso.






In the area called D-gusto at Circolo degli Artisti, the only coffee available will be that of Caffè Haiti Roma in pods, compostable and zero-impact, obtained from the best Organic and Fairtrade Arabica coffee.





For information: bio@caffehaitiroma.it; estero@caffehaitiroma.it